If I have a gift I'd say its intuition and if I have a religion it would be perseverance.


I am lucky enough to be born in Peru and to be inspired by most of my life spent in Italy, my sophisticated land of adoption.


I have worked for the past 25 years in fashion, always guided by the heart. I have discovered talents and fully respected the qualified craftsmanship since the beginning. My first personal project, a knitwear brand handmade in Peru, AMANO, had the mission of having qualified Peruvian artisans participate in the luxury business. We were distributed in the best windows in the world.


My second project was the first devoted space for fashion books and magazines, MILAN FASHION LIBRARY. 

I am excited to see how now fashion is aware of the protection of all species and the quality life of the people engaged in the business. This is why promoting art studies and good ethics through                  

is my latest concern and I am lucky enough to work for companies that allow me to express these morals. 

I stay grateful for what I've learnt from companies like Valentino, Prada and Santoni, were beauty and quality were and are still a priority

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